A Florida Sunrise
Beaches of Hutchinson Island

I had the honor and privilege to help the Surfers Healing for Autism over the weekend. Below are the photos I took of the event:

05_29_2015 – Surfers Healing Autism – Lake Worth  (939 photos)

05_29_2015 – Surfers Healing for Autism – Lake Worth  PartII (546 photos)

05_31_2015 – Surfers Healing for Autism – Miami Beach  (1370 photos)

Haulover Beach - 1946
Haulover Beach – 1946
Newport Fishing Pier_1942
Newport Fishing Pier_1942
Lake Worth Pier - 3463
Lake Worth Pier – 3463
Lake Worth Pier -  3510_1_2
Lake Worth Pier – 3510_1_2
Lake Worth Pier - 3517
Lake Worth Pier – 3517

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