A Splash of Light
The Walls of Owl Canyon - Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona is one of the many scenic wonders of the Southwest. The Navajo Canyons of Page display character,  lines, and texture of the canyons making this an exciting location to visit. In this post, I feature images from the Upper Antelope Canyon and Owl Canyon

The incredibly beautiful Owl Canyon in Page Arizona. Locate on Navajo land, I was in awe walking through these canyons. The sculptured red walls offer so much texture and leadning lines
Owl Canyon – Page – IMG_3711


Incredible beauty of Owl Canyon in Page Arizona - on the Navajo Lands
Owl Canyon – Page – IMG_3738-new


Nature's creation of Upper Antelope Canyon, carve by wind and water.
Upper Antelope Canyon – IMG_3795


The walls of the Upper Antelope Canyon are so unique and beautiful
Upper Antelope Canyon – IMG_3813


The light filters down through the cracks of the canyon, providing the light and shadows on the canyon walls
Upper Antelope Canyon – IMG_3816-new


The hieght of the Upper Antelope Canyon walls seem larger than life
Upper Antelope Canyon – IMG_3825


The simple beauty of the canyon walls in Upper Antelope
Upper Antelope Canyon – IMG_3826


The waving lines along the canyon walls
Upper Antelope Canyon – IMG_3872


walking through some of the tighter canyons becomes an exerise of contortions
Upper Antelope Canyon – IMG_3876


The Glowing orange-red tones from the dwindling light from above give the walls of the canyon such character and definition.
Upper Antelope Canyon – IMG_3888


Light from above
Upper Antelope Canyon – IMG_3883


The difficult space between the canyon walls, making it tough travling through
Owl Canyon – IMG_3675


the character, the lines, and texture of the walls, mad this and exciting location to visit
Owl Canyon – IMG_3724-HDR

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