Everglades Moon with a Sunrise
Sunset over Downtown Miami

Barred Owl of the Everglades

I saw a Barred Owl at the top of a cypress tree while I was driving through Everglades National Park. I pulled over, because I do not see owls very often and never did I see a Barred Owl in the wild along the road. It did allow me to walk up to about 30 feet of it, but flew to the road to eat something then back to the trees. I just followed it on foot for a while till it allowed me to get close enough (about 25 feet) to grab a few good shots. I took a few more shots and backed up and went on my way. That alone made it a terrific day!

Barred Owl of the Everglades
Barred Owl in the Everglade National Park
Barred Owl in the Everglade National Park

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