Saturday morning at the Beach
Barred Owl of the Everglades

Got up at 4am to meet my friend in the Everglades, We met at Long Pine Key in the parking lot around 5:30am. I got dressed for the occasion with long pants, long shirt sprayed with Deet, vest, boots, buff neck guard, hat with head netting. I also used a set of golf gloves for both hands because the mosquitoes nailed my hands last time – even with bug spray! I was ready for those blood suckers this time. I could hear them buzzing relentlessly trying to get to any flesh they could find.

So when my friend arrived, I walked over to his truck and he hops out in shorts and a t-shirt! Then asks “how are the bugs?”, he instantly became a Latin gourmet for the mosquitoes! He was back in that truck so fast!!!!

Anyway, my friend stayed in his truck putting on his bug gear while I went over to the lake to setup. I took a series of shots and this was one of the first ones. At Long Pine Key with the moon in the sky and the sunrise on the move.

 I took a series of shots, this was one of the first ones. With the moon in the sky and the sunrise on the move.

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