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Lee Smith Bio – A South Florida Photographer

Lee Smith - South Florida Photographer
photo by my friend Ivan

I spent a large part of my life around the ocean and the natural beauty of Florida.  I was fortunate to have fished off the piers and drift boats, snorkeled off Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, the Bahamas and the Florida Keys, explored the Everglades and surfed along the southeast coast of Florida from Miami Beach up to Cocoa Beach. Being outside was the best part of life.

As my passion grew for the outdoors so did my desire to capture it on film. Not having much money, I was able to borrow my dad’s camera to take photos of places I loved to visit. Then eventually got my own Yashica camera with a few lenses shooting 35mm slides and negatives.

As my life progressed, my passion about photography was tempered by work and school. It cost money to buy and develop film so there were gaps of time I was not able to photograph anything. It was not till I got married, that I decided to start my photography again. My kids were the main drive for much of my time. Each day was special, and each trip was an adventure. We visited Disney, the beach, the parks, we went everywhere, but as my kids got older, they had their own lives to pursue – so I started photographing nature and landscapes.

I have always enjoyed shooting sporting events of my kids. Indoor Volleyball, Gymnastics and Lacrosse  – all fast action sports.  I would still head over to the beach when there were waves and hoped to catch my friends surfing, been doing that occasionally over the years.

Horseshoe bend in Page, AZ IMG_1223
photo by wife Nancy

But my heart is in Landscape & Wildlife Photography –  trying to capturing the natural beauty of South Florida and any place I get the opportunity travel to. Traveled to Oregon, California and Arizona seeing beautiful places to capture.

Now I use a Canon 5D Mark II with a wide assortment of lenses, filters and software to edit my images. Always in the attempt to bring the image clearly back as I envisioned it.

I will be adding more of my work to this website, but you can also see my work online at:

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy my work

All my work is available for sale and would welcome your call.


Taken by Nancy - IMG_1272
photo by wife Nancy

Taken by Nancy in Page, AZ - Rattlesnake Canyon - IMG_1217
photo by wife Nancy